Consulting Services

  • Review of EHS Policies and the level of compliance with all existing and relevant Philippine laws.
  • Development of a compliant EHS program implementation plan.
  • Review of accident/incident investigation reports.
  • Assessment of how accident root causes are indentified, analyzed and acted upon.
  • Review of auditing and inspection program, including observation of how potential hazards are identified, assessed and controlled.
  • Preparation of reports based on risk assessment which includes implementation of recommended corrective measures.

Web Solutions


EHSS - Intelligent Safety Management is a Secured, Proactive Risk Management System that makes your Safety Program more timely, manageable and practical. It manages all aspects of Operational Risk in a single system, and helps in ensuring Business Continuity.



In SafetyHow, you can connect, interact and communicate with others in the Safety Community.  It connects people with similar interests, and allows searching, posting, editing, asking & answering questions, and more, of almost everything about Safety.  



1800Safety is a platform which offers safety product vendors an easy to use online store-front, where they can connect with members of the Safety Community who are looking for safety products. It is another essential web-partner of EHSS system.