Who we are

Insafety, Inc. was established in 2006 to help clients achieve the goal of zero accidents in workplace.

A company’s need to propagate knowledge on safety must be addressed to make accident prevention in the workplace work. An effective safety program can be achieved only through a well-informed and cooperative worker and a fully-supportive management. 

 “SAFETY must be a way of life”, industry needs to understand this message effectively by learning the principles of accident prevention at work. Training on safety at work should drive and motivate the management by accepting SAFETY as its prime and foremost responsibility. The management must support the program while organizational team leaders and members implement it. 

In 2006, INSAFETY, Inc. was conceptualized to help industry partners address safety awareness and help them better understand how an effective Occupational Safety and Health Program  Management should work. An organization with such a program will have a workplace that is safe and a workforce that is well-informed on safety, thus reaping the benefits of quality work and enhanced productivity, and ultimately “MAKING SAFETY A WAY OF LIFE ® ”.

A staunch SAFETY ADVOCATE, SAFETY CENTER of the Philippines, Inc. (a pioneer in selling safety and personal protective equipment) established a training arm called INSAFETY, Inc. which aims to be consistent with this organization’s philosophy of educating the general public on safety, most especially those in the workforce and also the management who should support the program and provide a safe workplace.  

INSAFETY, Inc. is a Safety Training and Consultancy Organization accredited by the Bureau of Working Conditions, Department of Labor & Employment.



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