Forklift Safety provides comprehensive training for all forklift safety operators. Forklift operators will learn important features of the forklift from this highly interactive course, such as, vehicle and load stability, load capacity, how to perform a forklift inspection, and how to handle a load safely. This course consists of numerous participation exercises that evaluate your worker s knowledge on forklift safety.


Forklift is the most commonly used material handling equipment in almost all organizations as forklift is very effective in moving materials, equipment and other loads from one location to another location. In moving loads, great care must be exercised so that all components; the equipment, the loads and the operator will be safe as an accident that could involve any of these three components could result to great losses.

Forklift Safety Training will enable participants to:
  • Identify critical parts of the forklift and maintain forklift s stability;
  • Perform required forklift inspections;
  • Safely pick up a load;
  • Safely travel with a load; and
  • Safely stack a load
  • Workplace Safety (Hazard Identification)
  • Forklift Fundamentals
  • Forklift Design & Parts
  • Controls & Instruments
  • Pre-use Inspection
  • Forklift Stability
  • Working with Loads
  • Forklift Operations
  • Forklift Tip-over Accident
  • Forklift Inspection
  • Hands-on Forklift Operation