This training covers the nature of the hazards presented by scaffolding including the procedures to control and minimize the effects of these hazards. This safety training course also covers specific procedures for: erecting, inspecting, disassembling and maintaining scaffolding. Safety awareness will also review scaffolds standards based on the National Building Code of the Philippines.


Falls are the third highest cause of workplace fatalities in the general industry & this is the most common accident associated with scaffolding except for scaffolding collapse that can cause not only injuries to person but also property damage.

Scaffolds Safety Training will enable participants to:
  • Discuss potential accidents associated with erecting and dismantling scaffolds;
  • Discuss the hazards associated with erecting and dismantling scaffolds;
  • Understand the basic concepts and techniques of scaffolding safety;
  • Help participants identify the hazards associated with scaffolds;
  • Provide scaffold erectors and users with the regulations, safety guidelines and procedures needed to recognize and eliminate hazards in the field; and
  • Assist the participant in obtaining knowledge of the proper erection / dismantling procedures for scaffolding.
  • Introduction to Scaffolds Safety
  • Types of Scaffolds
  • Parts and Fittings
  • Hazard Identification
  • Erection and Dismantling Procedures
  • Fall Protection
  • Actual Erection and Dismantling of Scaffolds