The seminar is designed to assist the participants in recognizing the different hazards present in their respective workplace, in developing their safety inspection program and organizing their personnel from all departments as safety inspectors.


In order for Accident Prevention Program to succeed, hazards that cause accidents must be captured and controlled before they become uncontrollable. There must be a systematic way to identify these hazards in the workplace and there must be a set procedure that can be repeatably used by different persons in the organization. And Safety Inspection System is the program that will provide the mechanism to do so.

Safety Inspection Training will enable participants to:

  • Discuss hazards, consequences of exposures to them, including their benefits;
  • Recognize hazards, properly identify and control them;
  • Organize an inspection program that helps keep employees focused on health, safety and environmental protection;
  • Develop a system that will capture hazards, determine their consequences and assess their risks; and
  • Develop a method whereby hazards with high risks are given top priority for corrective action.


  • Review on Hazard Recognition
  • Importance of Safety Inspection
  • Types of Safety Inspection
  • Unsafe Acts
  • Unsafe Condition
  • Qualities of Safety Inspector
  • Organizing Your Own Safety Inspection Program
  • Safety Observation Plan
  • Phases of Inspection, Risk Assessment and Prioritizing Hazards for Correction
  • Making the Report
  • Monitoring and Implementation of Corrective Actions