This training will strengthen the leadership of executives and managers while discharging their daily duties and responsibilities as they would realize the importance of manifesting their long term and personal commitment not only to safety and accident prevention but also to their productivity. Their leadership will not only improve but will also earn the respect of their people and the people they work with as they will learn the proactive approach to problem solving.  


It is essential to the success of a company’s safety and health program that top management demonstrate not only an interest, but a long term serious commitment to protect every employee from injury and illness that could result from their employment. When managers commit to safety and demonstrate their support, they will realize the positive benefits derived from their safety related effort. Their employees will be happier, therefore more efficient and productive, their properties protected, therefore there will be no downtime and their resources conserved, therefore resources will be utilized more efficiently.Understanding and appreciating the above benefits will create a strong desire to improve the company’s safety standing that can propagate excellence. Managers have to invest serious resources into effective safety management in terms of policies, programs, written plans, processes and procedures aligned with safety principle. Leadership will be by examples and they will be able to prove that it is far more effective in making changes work as examples from people holding leadership posts can result to behavioural changes with positive results. This training will help executives and managers how to get to that level of commitment.

Safety Training for Executives and Managers will enable participants to:
  • Discuss how “Domino Principle” works;
  • Support and commit to their organization’s “Accident Prevention Program”;
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude on safety by leading by example; and
  • Live the adage “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”
  • Concept of Accident Prevention (Occupational Safety & Health Stds. & The Domino Principle)
  • Role of Management in Promoting Safety
  • The Safety Policy & Line Management Role in Safety)
  • Sources of Hazards and Hazard Identification (Safety Inspection)
  • Unsafe Acts and Unsafe Conditions
  • Human Elements in Safety
  • Safety Programming and Methods of Controlling Hazards
  • Compliance Audit
  • Effective Safety Communication and Employee Safety Training
  • Accident Investigation, Analysis and Reporting
  • Root Cause Analysis & Cost of Accident & Incident