This course will prepare the participants how to recognize situations that needs basic life support and properly administer the said life support by precisely responding to victims. Examples are how to respond to a heart attack victim and how to give first aid to a victim who is choking.  Rationale: We need to understand and apply the proper technique in Life Saving, otherwise, instead of helping a victim; we might do more damage to them or may even endanger ourselves too.The training methodologies used are a series of lectures, discussion, video showing, demonstration & return-demo. Participants will be made to demonstrate the proper way of executing external chest compression and mouth-to-mouth ventilator maneuver to an adult, child and infant.

Basic Life Support Training will enable participants to: 
  • Recognize situations requiring the administration of basic life support; and
  • Properly and safely respond to victims.
  • General First Aid
  • The Human Body
  • Basic Life Support (AR and CPR)
  • Relieving Airway Obstruction for Adult, Child & Infant
  • Written Examination
  • Practical Examination