This training is motivational in nature as self development will become part of this training. This training will identify dangerous drugs and will discuss the dangers associated with the use of dangerous drugs and alcohol. This will enable participants to realize that drug use and alcoholism at the workplace is very dangerous.


Taking dangerous drugs and alcoholism produce untoward consequences and must be avoided. And participants would be encouraged to avoid dangerous drugs and must be motivated to have other and better activities.

Dangerous Drugs and Alcoholism in the Workplace will enable participants to:
  • Discuss government programs and statistics on drug use and alcoholism;
  • Discuss the ill effects and accidents associated with drug use and alcohol;
  • Identify commonly abused drugs and identify signs of usage;
  • Categorize health effects of drugs;
  • Drug testing and interpret drug testing result; and
  • Motivational Programs for Drug Users and Alcoholics
  • Nature & Extent of Drug Abuse in the Philippines
  • Definitions of Drugs and Drug Abuse
  • Classification of Drugs
  • Commonly Abused Drugs
  • Signs & Symptoms of Drug Abuse
  • Causes for People to Turn to Drugs
  • How to Avoid Abusive Habits
  • Salient Provisions of RA 9165 (Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002)
  • Components/Provisions of the Law in Preparing the Drug Policy
  • Drug Testing and Its Result