This seminar is based on the ideas and techniques developed from research materials regarding the Japanese 5S system of good housekeeping. It is based on the principles on how to maintain the total corporate cleanliness for higher productivity, safer and better working environment. This program not only contains the Japanese 5S system for good housekeeping but also incorporates the latest ‘2S’ that were added lately.


Who wants an unorganized and dirty workplace? Nobody. This is the reason why this training was conceptualized. This training is for all of us as it will help us understand and realize that we need housekeeping not only to improve the safetiness of our environment but most importantly, our state of mind.

5S + 2 Good Corporate Housekeeping Training will enable participants to:
  • Be equipped with knowledge and understanding on the purpose of good corporate housekeeping program;
  • Understand how good housekeeping contribute to higher productivity, work efficiency, quality of work life, safer and better work environment; and
  • Create and maintain good and clean corporate image.
  • Introduction to the 5S + 2 of Good Corporate Housekeeping
  • What is the Japanese 5S System?
  • What are the ‘5Ss’?
  • What are the ‘+2’?
  • How Do We Implement Them?
  • What is the Benefits We Get From using the 5S+2 Good Corporate Housekeeping?