“Accident Investigation Training” is the course that will demonstrate how to properly investigate a workplace accident/incident, how to properly conduct interviews and treat witnesses, how to analyze and identify for root causes and implement corrective and preventive measures that will prevent accident recurrence.


Everyday, workers are exposed to both existing and potential hazards. At times, these exposures lead to accident. Once an accident happens, there will be a need to contain the impact of the accident and prevent similar events from happening again. Therefore, accidents must be thoroughly investigated and root causes must be determined. The course stresses proper investigative procedure and conveys an understanding of the basic skills needed by an investigator. The course focuses on the following topics: how to investigate an industrial accident, analyze facts, identify contributing factors or determine root causes, document the investigation, initiate both corrective and preventive actions to prevent future accidents, and follow up status of the measures that will complete the accident investigation process.

Accident Investigation Training will enable participants to:
  • Properly investigate and effectively analyze events leading to an accident;
  • Determine the root causes of an accident through the use of analytical tools;
  • Take corrective and preventive actions to prevent future similar accidents;
  • Properly communicate and document all areas of the investigation process; and
  • Follow up on the status of corrective measures

Safety Inspection & Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

  • Accident Causation: The Domino Theory
  • The Actual Accident Investigation: Selection of the Investigating Team; Interview Process and Techniques
  • Description of the Event
  • Root cause Analysis Using problem Solving Analysis Tools (Workshop): Fishbone Diagram; Why / Why; Fault Tree Analysis
  • Generalities
  • OR Gate and AND Gate
  • Construction of FTA