This training is designed to improve the participants understanding of hazardous chemicals used in the different plant work environment. It involves explanation on Material Safety Data Sheet, First Aid for accidental human exposure, and effects of chemicals on the environment. Likewise, the training will also discuss basic toxicology and accidents that involve chemicals and the different chemical control procedures that will reduce the risk of chemical exposure at work.


Working with chemicals need detailed yet concise information on chemicals handled and used in different areas of plant worksites as chemicals are generally hazardous. It is crucial that information on chemicals be properly disseminated and specific hazards discussed including specific control measures. It is necessary that chemical related activities be safely done for the safety of the workers and the protection of the environment.

Chemical Safety and Spill Response Training will enable participants to:
  • Understand chemical safety principles;
  • Have awareness on their right and need to know about potential hazards associated with hazardous materials in the workplace;
  • Understand the specific chemical hazards and the procedures and equipment available to protect them from those hazards;
  • Know what to do if a spilt chemical is hazardous and be able to take appropriate action in the event of spill;
  • Understand the features and benefits of different types of spill control products;
  • Know how to control, contain and clean up a spill; and
  • Develop a Chemical Safety Program
  • Basic of Chemical Safety
  • Toxicology
  • Hazardous Communication
  • Understanding MSDS
  • Hazardous Chemical Handling
  • Chemical Storage
  • Chemical Spill Response