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Basic Rope Rescue Training is a training program for people who could be involved in rescuing workers with the aid of ropes. The discussion will involve instructions on the fundamental skills & techniques necessary in the vertical rope rescue environment. It is broken into a combination of classroom work and field exercises. In the classroom, the course introduces the participants to the knots, equipment and safety techniques necessary in the vertical rope rescue environment. In field exercises, participants will gain practical experience in basic rope rescue evolutions. 


Working at heights is a potentially dangerous activity and there should be a program that will involve rescue of workers when an accident happens. It is necessary that rescue be done properly for the safety of the rescuer and the victim.

Basic Rope Rescue Training will enable participants to: 
  • Lay the foundation for all other vertical rescue training such as confined space rescue;
  • Develop their rescue skills in a practical application situation;
  • Learn basic knots, rope rigging techniques, rappelling, lowering & ascending techniques; and
  • Safe handling of patients.
  • Familiarization of Rescue Equipment
  • Care for and maintenance of all associated rope equipment properly
  • Basic Rigging
  • Lowering & Ascending
  • Rope Rescue Techniques


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