“Control of Hazardous Energy” is for all workers who perform maintenance or repair on equipment where unexpected energization or start-up could occur. The course teaches the proper lockout/tagout procedures for ensuring that machines are locked, blocked, and tagged before work is performed on them. The course explains the various energy types that may be encountered in the workplace and their potential for harm. It also covers how each type of hazardous energy must be placed in a zero energy state. The training details six steps necessary for successful lockout/tagout and other procedures related to the effective control of hazardous energy.


Equipment and machineries are very important component of productivity and must be serviced or maintained from time to time either scheduled or as the need arises. And operators and mechanics/technicians must be well versed with the requirements of this activity as this activity is considered highly hazardous. An event associated with equipment and machine PM usually results to severe worker injury and/or property damage. Consequently, delays in production and monetary losses could result.

Control of Hazardous Energy Training will enable participants to:
  • Recognize hazardous energy sources and their use to the operations of the machines and equipment;
  • List forms of hazardous energy and specific procedures how to control them;
  • Explain the elements of a lockout/tagout program;
  • Understand the importance of lockout/tagout procedures;
  • Learn the different lockout/tagout hardware and determine the applicable LOTO hardware for each type of hazardous energy.
  • Workplace Safety (Hazard Identification)
  • Basic Electrical Safety
  • Machine Safety: Point of Operation; Source of Energy; Mechanical Motion
  • Lock Out / Tag out
  • Walk-thru Plant Inspection
  • LOTO Procedures