Electrical Safety Training is the training for people who want to keep their facilities and operations safe from electrical hazards. This training will show participants how electricity can be both a friend and at the same time, an enemy.


Electricity is all around us. It lights up our homes . . . conditions our work environment powers much of the machinery . . . and equipment that we use . . . and runs many of our tools. We are so used to it; most employees take it for granted. Yet electricity can also be deadly dangerous. Electrical accidents can damage equipment, putting companies “out of production” for days or even weeks. Sparks from frayed wires and machinery can start fires and cause explosions. Worse, electricity can harm people directly through shock and electrical burns. And an accident can be fatal. Employees need to know how electricity works, and what they should do to protect themselves from its hazards and how to properly respond to emergencies involving electricity. “Electrical Safety” provides the necessary information employees need to know how to safely work around electricity.

Electrical Safety Training will enable participants to:
  • Describe electricity and how electricity works;
  • State the dangers most commonly associated with exposure to electricity;
  • Identify unsafe work practices that should be avoided when working with electricity;
  • Identify dangerous work environments that should be corrected and its mitigation measures;
  • Describe Lockout/Tagout (LOTO), state its purpose and discuss its procedures; and
  • Describe what to do in an electrical emergency and how to treat an electrical burn.
  • Workplace Safety (Hazard Identification)
  • Terminologies and definitions
  • Fundamentals of Electricity
  • OSHS Rule 1210 Electrical Safety
  • Leading Causes of Electrical Accidents
  • Effects of Current to Human Body
  • Circuit Protection Device
  • Flexible Cords Safety
  • Power Tool/Electrical Equipment Safety
  • Overhead Power Lines
  • Control of Hazardous Energy (COHE)
  • Lock Out/Tag Out (LOTO)
  • Electrical Emergency Response